Foster Care
It’s an important part of our mission. The Sanctuary helps arrange foster care whenever it’s in the best interest of the animal. There’s a wide range of situations that can match the needs of both care givers and animals. If you have the time and facilities, you could be the “angel” that provides the quality care for a starved or injured animal. Or, perhaps you would enjoy providing a home for a sound riding horse. Availability is constantly changing so keep in touch.
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Most of our animals can be adopted by qualified and caring families. After completing the application and acceptance by the Sanctuary, all available history and pertinent information will be passed to the adoptive family insuring an ideal match. There is an nominal adoption fee.
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Our Ultimate Goal is
Also Our Greatest Responsibility:

An essential part of any rescue effort is to find loving, safe and caring homes for our animals in need. This is a big responsibility and we take it very seriously. Here are some important considerations that will help you decide whether or not adoption or foster care is the right choice for you.

Things to Keep in Mind:

Are You Ready for this Important Commitment?
Have you spent plenty of time caring for horses and are you willing to make arrangements and sacrifices to provide for their care and safety?

Horses Cost Money.
Don't adopt a horse if you can't afford one. While you may think adoption is the inexpensive means to obtain a horse, remember that their needs are expensive: boarding, feed, medical bills, shoeing, and tack and equipment.

Do You Have Adequate Acreage and Shelter?
A single horse neeeds at least a half acre of quality pasture. They need generous stall space (aprox. 12' x 12') They need safe fencing and shelter from the elements all year long.

For What Purpose Will You Use Your Horse?
Are you looking for a trail horse, a hunter/jumper, a dressage prospect? At what level do you ride? Speak with the shelter owner to make sure your needs and expectations match your prospective horse.

When Looking to Adopt a Horse
Be less concerned with breed, color, size and sex of the equine than with his temperament and how he matches your riding ability. Those attributes are more important for long-term compatibility.

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