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We love what we do here!
We have rescued over 100 horses in our 10 years here in Chelsea, Vermont. We have improved the lives of countless others through education, intervention and raising community awareness. This is hard work but the rewards are worth it.

The part of this job that is the most difficult is raising the money we need to keep this rescue sanctuary going. A single horse can cost $1000 a year just to feed!

But to us, this is something worth doing... and we hope you agree! We have the barns and the fields and the love for these magnificent animals but we also need your help.

So... how can you make a difference?
Just the fact that you are reading this means your heart's in the right place and you too love and respect these unfortunate creatures. The truth is, if you really want to make a difference, there are lots of ways you can contribute!

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The Hooved Animal Sanctuary

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A Vermont Rescue Farm Celebrating 10 Years of Protection,
Rehabilitation and Community Education.